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I've been studying under Ava for over a year. She directs the Black Opal Dance Troupe in the Phoenix area.
IAMED: International Academy of Middle Easter Dance. The best of the best! "The Producers of the Best Belly Dance Shows and Videos in the World!" I will be dancing in one of their shows in May 2004.
Home of the coveted Bellydance Superstars!
I've been a member of the Black Opal troupe since it was formed in March 2003.
Domba is an awesome tribal group of dancers and musicians from the Phoenix area. They travel and perform nationwide.
Belly Dance Costumes and Dancewear : Patterns and fabric for belly dancing including nylon/Lycra stretch knits, metallics, velvet, and silk. Also sewing notions and trims. And all at discounted prices. or

These links belong to Naj who has a local store called

Eclypse Belly Dance Shoppe located at
14848 N Cave Creek Road
Phoenix, AZ 85032

Store Hours
Tues - Friday 1:00 to 6:00
Sat 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
This is Yasmina's site. It is packed with all kinds of great info! View pics, read about history, get the scoop on events, look for teachers, etc.
This site carries Authentic Egyptian Gifts and Merchandise. Yaz's business is located in the Phoenix area, so locals don't have to order online if you don't want to. He has very unique selections and unbeatable prices! I highly recommend him!
This is the site where I bought my orange china silk veils. I highly recommend them. The quality of the work is beautiful and durable. They sell an assortment of custom made, hand-dyed materials and costume-wear in velvet and silk.
Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association and sponsor of Cairo Carnivale in Glendale, California
An awesome link for learning terminology and explanations on moves. Also has animations! Thanks Laura for finding this link!
This site is from my fantabulous friend and fellow dancer, Neena! She is in the Phoenix area, so check out her website for more info!
Rachel Brice is the art director of The Indigo. Her dance style is Tribal. She is also on tour with Bellydance Superstars.
Rania studied under Jillina. She has some beautiful images on her site.
This is Nielle's site, my good friend and co-dancer from Black Opal.
A very informative site! Get all the information you need that I have not had time to post on my own site! Find many links to information, other instructors, shopping, and more!
I met Shoshonna at our hotel's spa after a long day of workshops during Rakkasah. She is a beautiful dancer with a matching personality. Her mother is the one who designed my silk veils from L. Rose Designs.
Suhaila Salimpour's website. The ultimate instructor! She has changed my belly dance world forever! Don't ever miss an opportunity to dance with Suhaila or her mother Jamila Salimpour. The experience will change your life.
The wonderful director of Natium World Dance Performance and Collective has this terrific site full of all of her exotic, erotic tribal gear. From dreads for heads to coins for your loins!
The Belly Twins!
This is a Renaissance Re-creation Guild. Includes Omar Kharim's Guild of Belly Dance.
Danah and I are the directors of a new troupe, Desert Gypsies. Our troupe includes an eclectic group of both dancers and musicians.
site of Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition where I won 1st runner up in the Fusion category!
This terrific group of percussionists is the driving force of Natium's live performances, bringing authentic rhythms from Africa and the Middle East.


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