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Josephine Wall is my favorite artist. I really love how she integrates nature into a compilated piece with bold colors and intricate detail. My favorite is Spirit of Flight.
You'll want to go to this site just because of it's interactive features. H.R. Giger is best known for his concept of Alien. Necronom V is the painting that inspired the Alien series.
M.C. Escher is most known for his mathematical and symmetrical masterpieces. I really like Metamorphosis III, Print Gallery, Plane Filling I & II, and Relativity.

Ragen Mendenhall is an absolute genius. Her work is soulful and deep. She is also one of my co-dancers from Black Opal. My favorite pieces are Soul Portrait and Sekhmet.
You'll recognize Brian and Wendy Froud's work if you think of the World of the Dark Crystal. Labrinth, Yoda from Star Wars, Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book, and Faeries are just a few of the many examples of their accomplishments.
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