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The Belly Dance Shoppe

Naj's store—she has everything from footwear to coin belts, professional costumes to swords. Call her store for the hours available at:
14848 North Cave Creek Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
or shop at her online store.

Bosphorus Market
Turkish costumes and more
Dahlal Internationale
Belly Dance costumes and more
L. Rose Designs
elegant silk and velvet designs for the middle eastern dancer
Dharma Trading Company
textile craft supplies & clothing blanks
Johara International
costumes, supplies, accessories, and more
Egypt Craft
Safti carries some well-priced musical instruments and belly dance accessories. Plenty of belly gear to choose from. Realize that awkward items are being mailed directly from Egypt, so shipping costs may be slightly higher.
Topkapi Designs
My favorite site for costumes! This site is where I got my red costume! Costumes are very well made, and aren't stiff and uncomfortable.
Turquoise International
I get most of my Madame Abla costumes from Ali. He has competitive prices and carries a variety of designs and colors.
Tatika's Treasures
Need music? This site actually sells REG Project!


Contact me at:
(602) 573-6238

Please type "BELLY DANCE" in the subject header.

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