Established in 2008, award-winning Osiris Dance is an eclectic dance ensemble from the Phoenix Valley area who performs locally for public and private venues. With a foundation of Egyptian Cabaret, Osiris blends belly dance with other genres, such as American Tribal, Bollywood, Hip Hop, and Experimental dance forms. They love to incorporate snakes, swords, candles, fans, and any unconventional prop wherever they perform. With a combined dance experience of over 20 years, Osiris members, Diosa (director and founder), and Katara, perform and teach workshops at festivals throughout the US.

Osiris Dance at Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 2019



Whether you are looking for dancers to meet and greet your guests or to perform at your wedding reception, Osiris Dance are professional dancers with beautiful, colored costumes that will dazzle your guests. 


Osiris Dance fuses their traditional Egyptian Cabaret roots with other dance genres such as Bollywood and Hip Hop, carefully selecting music to blend with  theatrical overtones.


Need something different for your next event? Diosa and Katara love creating something new. You will always be entertained by something innovative and entertaining from this dynamic duo.