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Katara always danced to the beat of her own song. Literally. Though trained in traditional Egyptain Cabaret and American Tribal Style, she found her niche in Fushion and Raks Gothique. She always felt that to dance well, one had to dance from their heart, so if they’re not dancing to something they love, how could they dance well? Taking this thought to heart, she has performed to not only traditional songs and melodies, but also rock music, alternative, electronica, progressive metal, power metal, and even gothic metal. If it’s dark and moving, it gets Katara’s hips shaking.

Katara belly dance cabaret

Not only is her music often distinctive, but so are her preferred props. Her votive and palm torch dances are always a breath-taking addition that mystify audiences . Lately, she has taken her focus a touch more East and incorporated Thai fingernails into her choreographies.

Another of her trademark talents is to add a storyline to her solos. Trained in the theatre for over ten years (and a writer herself), Katara loves to tell a tale with her dances. Through expression, moves, costuming, and props, she adds a unique twist to any song.

Katara tribal fanBut, deep down, Katara simply loves to dance. Since discovering the art of belly dance in 2002, she has trained with numerous prestigious instructors including Diosa, Anahid, Amira, Naimah, Kami Liddle, and even Suhaila Salimpour. She one day hopes to learn from her two favorite dancers, Rachel Brice and Ariellah.

Katara is also a member of the Desert Flowers, a sister troupe directed by Diosa, and Satori Sunrise.

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