Trying to answer how Belly Dance began is like trying to answer the question, how did the Universe begin? There are so many controversies about where and when, how and why. For some, the dance is a way to express oneself. For others, it is a form of entertainment. For some, it is an art to be mastered. For whatever reason you dance, keep an open mind and open heart, for there is always someone observing your technique, your personality, and your character.

Though I'm still considered a "baby" (as Suhaila calls us) in the belly dance community, my research has brought me some interesting concepts on the history of Belly Dance. From belly rolls to bare feet, the history may surprise you, but you'll have to be the judge on whether or not you think these stories are true. Below, I tried my best to highlight what I think are important aspects of the dance. I've included a reference list and links where you may be able to find more information on this wonderful expression of dance.


Belly Rolls (work in progress!)
Bare Feet



THE 411


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